So Im a college student, and i tried to buy an e-textbook from this website. But the software that they give to use it flat out dose not work. It was poorly designed and programed, and it does not work with updated browsers.

Im pretty computer literate and I tried for 4 days calling them to get tech support, but nobody had any idea how to work the software. So finally I just called and canceled my order. After wasting several hours of my life on the phone with them, mostly on hold.

Im pissed because they had no problem selling me a product that they obviously didn't inspect.

Any educators out there shouldn't use there products because dealing with them is an expensive nightmare. Can you afford to wast a school week on something that wont work?

Product or Service Mentioned: Cengage Learning Website.

Location: Dallas, Texas

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After 6 months, they told me that they did not receive my return and I had to pad the Penalty Charge!!! I hate them. Never recommend to my friends.


I agree 100%, they just charged me a total of 4 times. SO I paid $528 for a product that supposedly was going to cost $132.

But they gladly charged me at 10:10pm as I immediately called the provided number, but "UNFORTUNITLY" it was outside of normal business hours.

I have not yet had the opportunity to use the actual product; however the company clearly pushed out a payment system that was not ready for use by the public. And if your product is going to malfunction like this at least charge at a time when discrepancies can be handled.


I bought an Ebook and access to SAM 2013 for MIS. I cannot believe that my Ebook is not appearing there.

I just want to call and yell at them, but of course now they are closed. They should be open 24 hours at customer service because of how suckish their site is!!


The software constantly crashes on my desktop and up to date ipad 4 mini. I especially have issues on the ipad because of the issues clicking to the next page.

It thought I was trying to highlight the whole page or the whole button or it wouldn't respond at all and crash.

Stay away from these ebooks.

I've struggled through school because of their sloppy programming. Fix this Cengage.


I hate this place. I returned my textbook (on the busiest time of the year) five days before my rental due date.

Due to the post office declaring that it was very busy and it might take one extra day, I was forced to buy the book or pay to extend the due date. FOR ONE DAY, that was not my fault to begin with.

They do not reply to any of my messages. I hate them.


I have had the same problem, I tried to rent an economics text for my degree, sadly I can't access the e-book, despite paying for it. Attempts to contact them so far haven't worked. I would recommend that any one considering renting an ebook do not use Cengagebrain.


I rented Project Management for 180 days for a college class. Everything was working fine until tonight, when I accessed my account to do some work.

The continuous view is no longer available. I can click an arrow at the left or right sides of the page or view by tiny thumbnails. When I tried the 24/7 online help chat, I was asked for my email address, ISBN# and phone number. Why is this information required?

Will the be *** calling me? Anyways, I put in some *** info and got through to a online 'help' associate. He tells me the reason I can no longer scroll through the book in continuous view is because whoever owns the rights to this particular book has black listed it. WTF?

Okay, but you already have my money CengageBrain. I am so pissed off. I will NEVER order anything from CengageBrain again. What's to stop CengageBrain from selling me the book rental then blacklist it from my account when the new edition comes out?

The contract is for 180 days but, oops, where sorry the publisher has blacklisted this book to make way for the new edition. *** money hungry bastards. This is why bit torrents exist.

Guess I will just go find this book for free. *** you CengageBrain


I have the Security + book was given from my school and inside is the card that says go to certblaster.com/cengage.htm and the inside card has the Access Code when go to website it says to download a program when trying to put in the access code does not work even tried register it online did not work and when called for tech support the guy had no clue in life wtf I was talking about or about the product like hes new or something and said hears your case ID let me transfer you to product support and with out even getting my permission and then I am on hold for over an hour and had to ***. Ever since then been calling and every time when call its like its outside of the business hour will get to the bottom of this and agree with everyone else this company is on the list of worst companies out there.


This company is a complete scam. It blows my mind that some teachers actually require their students to use this service.

Whoever made agreements with this company obviously did ZERO research on how the website/company works. First off, the website is not user-friendly in the slightest. Secondly, THEIR WEBSITE IS DOWN THE FIRST WEEK THAT SCHOOL STARTS!?!?!?! Whoever was responsible for that needs to be fired but I doubt the company even knew how *** a move that was because - thirdly - when you try to get on the phone and talk to a real person it is IMPOSSIBLE.

Just like most [poorly run] businesses nowadays you are stuck talking to a machine for 10 minutes before you get put on hold indefinitely. Lastly, I had to use this service for a class a couple semesters back and like I said before it was far from user friendly and hard to use, not to mention completely overpriced.

This service is built to cater to lazy teachers and I recommend if you know prior to taking a course that the professor uses Cengage you should AVOID the class at all costs. This company is a complete joke and should not be continuing operations.


Yes. It IS a complete *** scam and I absolutely hate that I'm being forced into buying textbooks from this website from my professors.

Ridiculously overpriced for some program that comes along with the textbook. It's definitely not user friendly and acts like a very shady company who preys on college students who don't know any better.

Should definitely discontinue their service or at least be clear on their operations.


Hi, I ordered a book from them in august 2013, took them 1 week to process it and another 2 weeks for the book to reach. By then i went on to buy another book.

I returned the book from cengage asking for a refund. I then dropped it off at UPS, made a mistake in not getting the tracking number and now my rental is about to over due and the book still hasn't arrived at their warehouse..I have ordered plenty of books without any problems from other sites.

First time ordering from cengage and never knew it would be this much hazzle. Please don't order, just for heads up.


These people are horrible. They don't sell online access codes separate from books.

If you got a book that didn't come with an access code, you'll have to buy a new one to get online content that they already charge for if you have a book with an access code.

I called them up today, and they put me on hold for more than 45 minutes...just long enough for them to close the doors of their office and tell me to call back another day. Super professional.


Yes they are total *** ***. I used to even work for the bastards.

I asked hey let's ask technical support how it's going with the customers. Surprise, surprise, no one ever let me talk to anyone about it. I was supposed to make their Website better. Instead I got *** over, lied to, lost my health, and went literally into heavy depression.

Don't ever buy anything from them, they seriously don't give a *** about you, any trouble you are having or anyone who works for them. They make billions screwing the world. I am not kidding. Sexually harrass young employees, lie to people, cheat them and *** them over in desperate ploys for political strength.

They hire the youngest of the young, because they know they can work them to absolute death, to the point of SEIZURES I'm not kidding, and get away with it. Total *** company.

I'd rather work as a street sweeper then ever endure such total losers again. :(





I have a problem after about two weeks later i rented the ebook, the customer service gave me the case number and transferred me to the technical support , then they "send" it to the higher level of support, and then apologized for the inconvenience.two weeks, no response, asked me what pads format chapters I need, but never opened them either. Hello, i don't need their apology, i just need the ebook to be open when i need it. they are scammers, don't rent or have any business with them.


I bought the loose-leaf 432-page book with an access code to Aplia (since my professor uses it for homework) for $180 from the campus bookstore. Come to find out, if I want to look up the answers to the chapter questions, I have to buy a separate $50 book. :( I know plenty of people have worse stories than this, but it's still really frustrating when you feel like some company is just taking advantage of college students - it's disgusting.


site looks legit, requires info that they definitely do not need i.e. adress and if you "Buy" the online version you only get it for 180 days which is total *** and it does not always load the books after purchasing. will not be using again if i can help it


This place took my money and didn't even send me the book until a week latter and then it took a week and a half to get here. Because of the time i had ordered it from Amazon and got the book i emailed them and asked them if i could return it.

It took it 2 days for a response and they said i could mail it back.

I did this and now 2 weeks latter they have not emailed me and don't respond to my emails and still no refund. NEVER BUY FROM THEM.


They don't give a ***, their customer service is the worst on record, and when I tried to find out about their customer service record as I was trying to make their *** Website better I was told basically to &*(& off. :(


I agree with you, these people are THEIVES! I ordered a book for my class that cost 95 bucks because my professor said they had a deal going on.

When I look this morning come to find out they cancelled my order and priced it at 0.00. Umm excuse me where the *** is my refund?!!! Freaking ***!!!!

I'm calling them on Monday morning demanding a refund! :( :( :( :(

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