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Several times I have sound cliches that are either "unfixable" or there is no motivation to fix. Sometimes the buttons you need to "click" are not visible.

My laptops are 14" and 16", but still some buttons are hidden, and the "form view" and "design view" are rarely correct in the tests. I've contacted Sam / Cengage "help" but it did not help. They were nice on the phone, so I think it's just the Sam / Cengage system.

Last course, I paid $170 for the access, which you MUST purchase to take the tests.

This course is a bit less, $120, but it still sucks. I'm sure that people teaching the class love it because it's less work for them, but if I didn't need the health care via the college, I'd look for a cheap or free couse like Kahn Academy instead.

Product or Service Mentioned: Cengage Learning Program.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

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