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They have the worst customer service. No one ever picks up the phone when you call and when you send an e-mail they take over a week to respond..

When you finally receive your merchandise it is not what you ordered. Do not buy from them....Buy your books from a reputable company not Cengage Brain....I wish someone had warned me....Buy your books from your school, where you know what you are getting or from a reputable book store.....I will never buy from this company ever again and I will make sure I warn everyone I know.

Review about: Cengage Learning Textbook.

Monetary Loss: $100.

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Peoria, Arizona, United States #1316368

still sucks!

Indianapolis, Indiana, United States #888344

Lost 300$ with two different textbooks, saying I had did not purchase the actual textbook- just some useless worksheet. Complained and argued with the even more useless customer support for days.

Why does everything have to be online- why am I paying my professor to teach the class but then we have to pay an additional fee for this garbage.

Cant professors just do their job!! Waste of my time!

Crawfordville, Florida, United States #888342

The WORST experience ever with this site. The first day I used it I encountered 2 problems- they said it was my keyboard but when I used a different keyboard somewhere else I had the same issues.

Program is VERY slow. Awful waste of my time.


Cengage does suck!!! I use it for Accounting at University of North Texas/Dallas...It is the freaking worst!!

And I am NO dummy! I am on the Dean's list so it is not like I am an ***. I hope I survive this class!! Dr.

Hahn please do not use Cengage anymore!!! :( :x


CourseMate is awful as well. I have the Access Codes FROM THE BOOK and they aren't working on Cengage.

I clicked the "contact customer support", filled out a lengthy form, stated my problem, hit Submit, and was redirected to a Technical Support Website THAT I WAS PROMPTED TO SIGN INTO.

Incredibly hard to navigate. I'm glad I did not purchase my books from this company but am only trying to access the additional student resources, which in my recent experience, don't really exist.

Centreville, Virginia, United States #749364

OWL is absolutely horrible. I am struggelibg through my secod semester of gen chem owl homeworks.

Its aweful. I end up doing owl for so long that i dont have time to study. The 'feedback' theu give you isnt very helpful and its hard to follow. Ive had at least 12 mental brekdowns :cry because of the owl program and im not a person who stresses much.

Avoid owl at all costs!!!! :eek

Los Angeles, California, United States #675818

Do not ever buy anything from this company. This is a complete RIPOFF!

They stole 150 dollars from me. I purchased an Ebook and apparently all I purchased was access to a wacky database that has been purposefully designed to not have anything. An Ebook is normally downloaded but in the case of Cengage Learning you have to search for it in an impossible database. If I am going to pay 150 for a book I expect a link to download it.

Very simple, this site is pure robbery.

I just used my rent money for a text book that doesn't exist. This company must go down.


i have been teaching at a large state school full time for over 10 years. in this time i have probably used over 30 books by cengage in my classes.

in the past year, they will no longer send me PRINTED materials unless I adopt them. how can i adopt them unless i have it in my hands? electronic copies are not an option for our campus, and personally i do not want one. i want the same thing the students have. also, how can i continue to involve my students in the selection of these texts if i can not let them see it first?

the other issue is that they find every way possible to SCREW students over. they turned a paperback book that we use in several classes each semester (well over 200 students total) into a "workbook." all of the pages are perforated. none of the content changed. it is NOT a workbook, but because the publisher said it is the $75 retail price book can not be resold to the bookstore or other purchasers. :(

to the doctor Houston, Texas, United States #668552

The perforated book is actually not a workbook, but a variant version of a printed text. Indeed the idea is to provide students the same exact text, but at a more cost effective price for student wallets and pockets.

ALL publishers offer this option, and it has become increasingly common at most campuses. When I taught no such thing existed. I actually broke the spine of my instructor copies, removed the hard covers and paid Kinkos to drill three holes in them. I housed my books in binders into which I could insert my lecture notes/handouts at point of reference and have everything housed in one repository.

Students like this feature for their own note taking and collection of quizzes, handouts and tests. Athletes like that they only need to travel with the relevant chapters to keep up with assignments rather than haul hefty full-length texts. Students like lightening up their backpack loads. True, one cannot sell back the version of this book to the bookstores; however, if one did the math, one typically spends less out of pocket for this version than if they bought a standard text and sold it back.

We all know students get very little back for their texts that they sell back to the bookstores.

In essence, with the three hole format, students get a new book at a used book price. And, I might add, that as a former instructor, I am glad that students can't resell the books, but must keep them!


My professor required us to purchase OWL for homework. When I purchased the access code, it did not work.

Their customer service is awful,and I still have yet to receive a response to my inquiry. For some courses, it requires/forces you to buy the ebook with the access code, even if you already have a copy. As a college student, I don't have excess money to waste on rip-offs.

I wish I had known how awful this company was. I've used WebAssign before and had no problem with them...and their prices are generally way cheaper.


This company has the worst customer service and poor business practices I know!! You assume an company in the education industry would be pretty trustworthy...

Wrong... They know college kids are young, naive, and powerless, so they keep taking advantage of the college kids... How devilish is that?

If you guys like we should all get together to sue these guys. Big deal, huh?


The worst customer service ever.......


That kind of company should be beheaded. There are the worst service that I have exprienced in the world. No brain marketing & customer service team.


I recently bought a book and becaus e cengage didne request for the package to be signed, UPS left it in front of my door. Before I got home it was stolen and I needed to call cengage to get this figured out.

It was their fault I didn't get my book. And they never pick up their phone.

I can't ever reach them! In a way I got my money taken from me.

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