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Doing homework using their website is u complete waste of time. I'm not complaining about the work it self, but the website it self is literally wasting my time: to open an assignment easily takes 2 minutes, and closing it and saving it tends to crash and leave you guessing if it is safe to refresh the page after over 5 minutes (often 10).

In one of my classes I have 155 assignments due at over the semester, so easily that makes up at least 18 hours of my life just waiting on a simple page with not even a dozen questions to load. How is that acceptable? Please understand, I went out of my way to find a place to write this review, and I'm going to write up an email asking my professors and teachers never to use this service due to how utterly trash it is. I would rather download what would be about 250 pages worth of questions, print them out, do the work, scan them, send them to my local post office, and then pay them to fax all of it to my teacher.

It would genuinely be more convenient for me, and probably be cost effective. I know this sounds like I'm being unreasonable, but please understand that using 25 minutes to do a homework, where only 15 minutes of it is actually working is such a complete waste of time, and then on top of that to be paying for it...

I also had an issue with using the other services they provided in a bundle, and while the other sites worked fine, I never received a log in to those sites, and when I asked customer service about it they never responded, so that’s literally borderline a scam.

If you are an instructor of any kind, please do not use this service, your students will hate it and frankly a decent chunk of them will simply not use it.

Product or Service Mentioned: Cengage Learning Website.

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