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My main issue with the service is that the loading times are insane; 2-4 minutes just to open an assignment and another 3-10 to close and save it. Oh, and often it freezes so you risk it and click refresh...

In one of my classes I have 155 assignments over a semester, that makes up roughly 13-36 hours of just loading.

That’s insane. In that same time frame I could download roughly 5-13 movies (with a fairly standard 150mps download speed). Keep in mind, this is not some fancy video assignment I'm talking about, this is usually no more than 10 questions multiple choice, with 90% of it being plain text and with the occasional "drag the right word to the blank" and a glitchy "connect the definition to the word" sort of problem. It is simply insane to be paying over a hundred bucks for this utterly incompetent service.

While I know I sound like just some angry student, I have yet to hear a single classmate talk about the service and not be talking about how bad it is.

I went out of my way to find a spot to post this and that’s not something I do. So please think about this before wasting your students time and money with this service.

I would rather get a PDF from my teacher with what would be at most 200 pages worth of questions, print them all out, do the work, scan them each individually, email them to the local post office and then pay them to fax it to my teacher. It would probably be more time and cost efficient.

Product or Service Mentioned: Cengage Learning Mindtap Educational Software.

Reason of review: Poor customer service & Bad quality & Insane wait times & Pricing issue as my dog could make a more worthwhile, quality and efficient service than this..

Preferred solution: Fix your website. It is actually terrible and utterly shocking how bad it is considering how much money you guys must make on a single class, especially considering how little costs you guys must have as maintaining your servers can’t be prioritized..

Cengage Learning Cons: Cost, Cost for value.

  • Mindtap By Cengage
  • Ridiculous Delay
  • Faulty service
  • College Thievery
  • Loading Time
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