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Yes 100% agree that this is a scam forced upon college students. Read the reviews, not just here but through yelp, and other sources. Cengage is a SCAM!!! It is designed as such that it forces students to PAY just to turn in their homework so that these lazy professors don’t have to put in effort, and grade anything anymore. Congratulations professors, if you’re reading this, no seriously kudos to you, and just a round of applause for those of you who think this scam was a good idea, as you just got one step closer to automating your own jobs away!! Forcing students to have to pay more! Ridiculous! How much is Cengage paying YOUR college to implement this less than mediocre program? Huh!

Mind tap is the same as canvas( which is free) except for it’s now hidden behind a paywall, and is in all honesty a *** program.

To those reading, here is a link that just happen this year 2019, where a whistleblower was let go of Arizona State for not “pushing” cengage onto his students:

Spread the word!

This craps needs to STOP!!!

Reason of review: Pricing issue.

Preferred solution: Stop forcing this crap onto struggling college students!.

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You are exactly correct! Professor's have gotten lazy.

Cengage has the WORSE customer services, if you want to call it that. It makes me wonder if they even exist. My professor said for us to purchase first and then would send us the information later to his class.

This cost much more for students and now my account is asking me to pay. That is ridiculous!!!

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