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This semester alone I spent a few hundred dollars. I prefer ebooks because I am paper free and like to have all my ebooks on either a tablet or smartphone for easier travel.

My school required that we use Cengage and Coursemate content for my courses so I bought the package with the eBooks. My teachers require citations for my homework but the MindTap ebooks do not have page numbers and they can't be found anywhere. I contacted support twice and chatted for several hours to no avail. They will advance with no expected time fram for a response.

I also have tried to view the ebook on several devices including iPhone, Android phone, Kindle Fire, iPad, and an Android tablet. None of which will work. The page does not display properly and you can't see or access the page turners or scroll bar to even navigate around the page to view it manually. So, I am forced to sit at my desk for hours each day because I made the mistake and purchased all ebooks from Cengage.

I will never order another product from them. This has been a disaster and now in order to properly site my homework I have to go rent paper copies of the book on top of the hundreds of dollars I spent on the ebooks.

Product or Service Mentioned: Cengage Learning Textbook.

Reason of review: Damaged or defective.

Monetary Loss: $130.

Preferred solution: I would be satisfied with a way to find the page numbers at the bare minimum or an alternate version of the eBook that includes page numbers..

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Agreed. My Business teacher calls on everyone to read or refer something.


everyone but 4 students (including me), use E-books. two of the students use a different website with page numbers, while another student and I struggle with cengage and it seems like my professor gets frustrated with us two.


You are lucky to get more than one book for that price. It can only be your responsibility that you did not consider format or make an attempt to do some homework before spending money.

Now you give this company a very poor rating on a site that is meant to be legitimate.

Sometimes the decisions you make are based on impulsivity and in attention to detail; don’t hate on others when you are the one in err. Sometimes you don’t get your money back when you make a mistake.


It’s amazing how easy it is hide behind a screen and be abuse, rude and downright disgusting.


This is a response from someone from Cengage. I would treat it with great doubt.




I have yet to find page #s and the professor thinks I'm lieing. Money wasted! I'm failing this course because of it :(


I completely agree. I need to find specific page numbers to complete assignments, and the "find page number" feature doesn't work at all. They include all this other stuff that nobody needs, but when it concerns the actual use of the book it is impossible to get basic working features.


I agree, I am not happy upon finding out that there are no page numbers as our instructor requires us to read certain pages, and not chapters.


Completely agree!!! No page number anywhere and am required to reference the specific page. This is a nightmare onto of the terrible navigation issues and complicated format compared to every other online book I have ever used for any of my college courses.


I also find it difficult to cite the MindTap activities, as my professors also require us to reference this. I have no idea how to do this, so I get points counted off..

It's super frustrating. I did not even know they offer actual books!

Sorry for your frustrations. I feel them as well.

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