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I found the book rental for $40 on amazon (sweet right?), but was forced to purchase a 6 month subscription to access assignments and exams. No big deal, whats another $130 for a broke student on top of everything else.

So I get the first SAM module, all of the content and instructions are delivered via cengage site. I complete all the work, submit it, come back the next day and see that I'm @ 78% as a grade for my work, thought "OK, my textbook work wasn't graded by the professor it's in waiting for review status". The professor doesn't even look at this stuff by the by, all graded on their system. Here is my issue, the content assignments are delivered (keep in mind all the start flies, supporting docs, AND instructions + submission are from cengage) Module 1 completed in this order - Training - Exam - Textbook project - External tools assignment I passed the first 3 flying colors, was delivered the incorrect content graded for the 4th, which was counted as the 3rd assignment from the text.

I was graded on the textbook project as the external tools assignment, failed (0%) on the textbook assignment. Really? Start module 2, it's delivering the external tools assignment from module 1 as the start files for the textbook project, which don't match, and I HAVE to use them.

I'm now sitting waiting on customer service to fix or address the issue and my GPA is going down the tube, since I can't complete a single module until the issue is addressed. Will they respond before the due date, and address my faulty scores on module 1?

Product or Service Mentioned: Cengage Learning Mindtap Management Software.

Reason of review: Problem with delivery.

Monetary Loss: $661.

Preferred solution: Let the company propose a solution.

Cengage Learning Cons: Computer system was to buggy, No customer service, Website or the support.

  • Mindtap By Cengage
  • Textbook Racket
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