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I've contacted about a refund for a book and I've recieved no email back yet. It's been almost a week and nothing. I keep updating the support ticket yet I hear nothing back. Also the MindTap application should be called MindCrap instead. It's a terrible program. I've already failed a quiz because it refused to submit it. It's timed yet takes it's time loading each question individually in a long list and it's not until the last one that you can start taking the quiz. Then you have to worry about submitting it.

My time limit was 55 minutes. I finished within 10 on a 25 question quiz, but when I submitted it the program sat on the saving screen until it logged me out causing me to have to redo half it. Eventually it kept doing it and then when I came back for the 3rd time (that night back to back mind you) it said the test time limit was up and I only answered 15/25 questions which scored me a 50%.

How is that fair? We go to college to get higher education. Are these schools and professors really not smart enough to know that these programs are gimping the students? My second attempt at the quiz FINALLY worked but it still gave me the same problems- and it's only the first chapter!!!! I have to deal with this an entire semester.

What a #@$%ing ripoff.

Product or Service Mentioned: Cengage Learning Mindtap Educational Software.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

Cengage Learning Cons: Program price, Website or the support, Prices, Poor quality explanations, Mindtap.

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