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First of all, I hate paying 70$ for books written at a 6th grade level that are e-books with puzzles. Come on, it hurts me that my school signed on to make me read textbooks this way...

Just logged on to purchase another book, and sure enough, it doesn't give an access code, but just says "it'll show up" on my screen, but it doesn't. *** lucking getting after hours support if you have a day job, and online is the normal FAQ gibberish showing us their back-end ticketing system rather than giving any information on how to fix this. So annoying. I can't start reading this text book til it's resolved, so I wait.

The website itself is fine, it just feels like the usual pyramid scheme. Ditch that FAQ and hire some people to work late or overnight, these are college students, this is not some lawyer's office or a bank, we are college students. This company must be raking in so much money, but it's just a simple look-up website for ISBNs that offers absolutely no discount on something that should be much cheaper in the age of free technology. I could have looked up every sentence of drivel from my last textbook on Google in minutes, so it just sucks to be spoon-/force-fed information in this form without at least some kind of support. I can see the CEO and executive team laughing all the way to the bank with their billions of revenue.

Can you start by making the website friendly to customers before I have to read one more text book about making MY business about the customer. Get some customer service and make the website work, then I'll be impressed. Charge maybe $50 for the USA-Today-esque textbook that I just had to read and I'll be impressed...

Product or Service Mentioned: Cengage Learning Textbook.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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MindTap stinks Please bring back SAM


I've had at least 3 errors this week when loading quizzes or chapters. Utterly ridiculous. This has become the least efficient way I've ever had to get through a textbook in my life.

I have time to write pissed off comments in between every quiz question as I wait for it to load.


I completely agree. This book is buns. If I had a cookie, I would not give it to the people that made this PIECE OF ***

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