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Dear Cengage,

If your reading this, I hope you notice how much every student hates you. I hope whatever marketing employee or sales rep that reads this looks inward and decides that their energy is better spent working at literally any other company.

You are the educational equivalent to sewage runoff: nobody likes you, if a professor is known to use cengage or WebAssign, we avoid that class at all costs, much like we avoid sewage. -Yours truly, every college student.


Besides forcing students to pay upward of 100$ for ACCESS to their homework, often times our purchases do not process in time. Good luck explaining "technical difficulties" to your instructor. Graphing problems on the site are the worst user-orientated piece of garbage I have ever used.

If your homework assignment has a significant number of questions be prepared to set aside a huge chunk of time, each question takes at least a full minute to process before you see whether you were correct or not. I can only assume your answer gets faxed, looked over by a cengage employee, who then compares it to an answer key and pushes either a red or green button.

The webpage that your homework is located on also refreshes each time you "submit" an answer and (after said faxing and button pushing) tries to bring you back to whatever spot on the page you were on. Unfortunately their HTML team learned how to code via cengage (I assume) so the page refreshes and relocates you a few questions down the page EVERY TIME.

So if your like me, and your instructor assigns 70+ question assignments every few days, that a ton of waiting around and scrolling.

It is beyond my comprehension how a company as absolutely inept as this one continues to function, or why any (self-respecting) professor would ever choose to use their services. I can only assume that Cengage offers financial incentives to professors that agree to use their services. This is equivalent to a pharmaceutical company offering kickbacks to doctors that prescribe their drugs.

I would rather wait a semester for a different professor's class than knowingly register for a class in which the professor is known to use Cengage services.

I would rather make my own paper from wood pulp and use a quill by candle light than sit in a class dreading the next WebAssign assignment.

Product or Service Mentioned: Cengage Learning Website.

Reason of review: the utter waste of my time.

Preferred solution: the company to be purchased outright and liquidated for all 4$ of their net worth. .

  • Cengage Sucks
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