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And to those at HR at Cengage, remarking this is B.S. it's a little hard to cover up the truth. Monsanto of the Publishing World.

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This is absolutely THE WORST COMPANY on the planet to work for. They will literally lie to your face, work you 16 hours a day, and then lie about everything, your performance bonus, your future, everything.

Especially so called-user experience Christine Freeman, who sexually harassed a young male employee, then when HR was told, decided to trump up anything to have me removed when I reported it. She personally broke me in half, physically and mentally for revenge. HR could care less. Her boss actually smirked at me when I went to Boston, because he realized with My Master's Degree and age over 20 I wasn't going to put up with their disorganized piece of *** organization.

Marketing Kelly O'Connor the so-called stakeholder would hold up production changes on the Website for months at a time, for example couldn't make up her mind ON VIRTUALLY ANYTHING AND EVERYTHING. At the same time we were on Agile schedule, pumping 3-4 major projects at a time, with little or no direction, instruction, and a manager who couldn't figure out how to do anything except insult the *** out of you on Skype with back-handed criticism. She was the most passive agressive *** I have ever had to endure. What a total piece of *** company to work for from top to bottom.

All chaos, no one knows who the *** is their boss, pure chaos, the programming on the Website is archaic *** that should of been blown up a long time ago - if they weren't so *** ignorant that they can't see the forest because of trees. They originally wanted to hire me as a contractor, then switched to salary because they figured they could work me until I dropped for half the money. Yes, and I did drop. After less than a year I had to go on disability and could only stay awake 1 hour at a time.

I am serious people have had seizures, go up to 16 hours a day with unrealistic deadlines, food, rest, or anything else, blindly following total *** requirements documents written by Marcy Blockhead, that were written so terribly and in such formal legalize it would of taken 12 translators to figure out what the *** they wanted. Oh and that *** hat's name was Tony who licked her butt till she believed he knew what he was doing. He wrote and wrote, because he got paid hourly. *** he could turn a 2 minute project into building the Noah's Arc because that's how he got paid.

Dave Mason, same *** hat level. He knows the entire Cengage Website is a pile of cards, written in Java, totally disengaged, spaghetti code - and they all don't give a rats *** because they can just get another contractor to suck up such a great opportunity.

I'd seriously rather die then ever tell someone to work for these schmucks.

Review about: Cengage Learning Website.

Monetary Loss: $60000.

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West Grove, Pennsylvania, United States #1220299

The original poster is right on the money. I worked at Cengage for years and was let go on a layoff where directors randomly got rid of people they didn't like with no thought whatsoever.

In the area I worked in, the capable employees are pissed about many of the workers who got to keep their jobs. They forget that WORKING is what they are there to do. They also have a "disability" list, where anyone with any kind of disability can not be let go. Isn't that discrimination against able-bodied employees?

They don't care about customers. They knowingly put out products that are "broken," or not up to standards and say they'll fix them later--they never get fixed. They just hope the customers don't notice. They work those in technology to the bone all hours of the day and night to put out products from other areas that can not make a decision or move forward without 50 meetings.

Office politics are horrible. They play kiddie checkers, not chess, when it comes to making decisions.

They don't think three moves ahead, they think of what can save us money right at this moment. POS company anymore.


Oh my the way as of July 3, 2013 they are going Bankrupt. I love karma.

Guess what? Still think this review is BS?

Try going to Glass and see how other employees liked it there. Don't even try to get a job with these guys unless you just happen to enjoy slowly withering away.


Sounds more like a disgruntled ex-employee than a review of the company's products.

to uline123 Tampa, Florida, United States #679442

Gee ya think?


Cengage sucks for the students, it is a total rip=off who could care less about you or anything other than your charge card. if you teacher demands you buy their *** OWL products or MindTap (otherwise known as wallet suck) drop the class and find someone who hasn't been paid off to sell their overpriced ***. :cry

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